• Connecting to an existing kitchen or bathroom faucet is simple.

  • The Watts Filter comes with all parts and tubing required for a standard installation. There is no need to drill holes in the countertop for a second faucet as this system connects directly to the cold water supply line.

  • The included 30,000 Litres capacity lead-reduction filter features a Kwik-Change™ quarter-turn connection for easy cartridge replacement.

  • Designed and certified to reduce 99.2 % of lead in drinking water at any point of use in your household, including kitchen and bathroom faucets

  • The system also certified to reduce cysts, chlorine, taste odor and sediment for great-tasting, safer potable water

  • High-flow system (2 gallons per minute) for minimal impact on the time required to fill pots and containers

Tested and certified to remove lead, cysts, chlorine, sediment and taste Odor from your tap water.
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