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Under the kitchen counter
Water Filtration

Single-Stage Lead Filtration System High Capacity, Kwik-Change™ Filter *The wetted surface of this product contacted by consumable water contains less than 0.25% of lead by weight. It’s well known that aging municipal supply lines and household plumbing are potential sources of lead. Exposure to lead is especially harmful to young children and can adversely affect both their development and behavior. Watts has made it easy to provide safer drinking water. This Single-Stage Lead filtration system provides protection from Lead & other contaminants and connects directly to the cold side of most standard kitchen and bathroom faucets. It provides superior filtration for all the cold water to your faucet.

The one-year or 7,900 gallon filtration capacity is up to four times the capacity of other competitive filter systems. It features a high flow 0.5 micron carbon fiber filter, simple quarter turn filter change out and simple under sink installation. This Lead Filtration system is designed and certified to reduce 99.2% of lead in drinking water at any point of use in your household. It also is certified to reduce Parasitic Cyst, Chlorine taste odors and sediment for great-tasting, safer potable water.

Filter Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec
Filter Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec
Filter Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec
  • Connecting to an existing kitchen or bathroom faucet is simple.

  • The Watts Filter comes with all parts and tubing required for a standard installation. There is no need to drill holes in the countertop for a second faucet as this system connects directly to the cold water supply line.

  • The included 30,000 Litres capacity lead-reduction filter features a Kwik-Change™ quarter-turn connection for easy cartridge replacement.

  • Designed and certified to reduce 99.2 % of lead in drinking water at any point of use in your household, including kitchen and bathroom faucets

  • The system also certified to reduce cysts, chlorine, taste odor and sediment for great-tasting, safer potable water

  • High-flow system (2 gallons per minute) for minimal impact on the time required to fill pots and containers

Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec

easy and simple installation

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