Why businesses rent water dispenser?

1. They’re searching for a more flexible solution to buying a Water Cooler
2. They want a contract life that suits their needs and monthly expense.
3. They are looking for a solution that is Simple and Hassle-free!
4. They want a solution they can upgrade as their business or household changes.



                                                                                     At Eaulogik WE CAN HELP!

Service & Maintenance

All our water cooler rentals come without additional service or maintenance charges. We stand behind
all our products. Our water solutions are all hassle-free. Regular maintenance checks are conducted by
our trained technicians. This ensures your machine continues operating at the same high level!

Short-term Contacts

Are you looking for a more flexible arrangement than buying a new water cooler? We can offer you a water dispenser on a contract that suits YOUR budget. You can also change your water cooler at the end
of your contract as your needs change.

Fixed Monthly Costs

YOUR Water cooler costs will be controlled. There are no hidden or added

costs for you to be surprised with. There is no pay for usage charges to come your way. What you will receive is the same low invoice charge per month for the length of your contract!

Innovative Technology

At Eaulogik, we continuously push the boundaries to find YOU the BEST in water filtration. When you
rent a water cooler from Eaulogik, you can always upgrade to a more recent model.


High Filtration


Carbon makes for the ultimate filter because it’s amazingly porous, grabbing onto impurities that cause bad taste and odour, while allowing naturally occurring minerals to pass through the filter.

Impurities removed include:

  • Chlorine

  • Lead

  • Pesticides

  • Petro-chemicals

  • Cysts

  • Toxins

And what you are left with after the carbon water filter has done its job is clear, fresh water. Just like it’s meant to be.



Microbiological Purification

Putting a UV lamp in Waterlogic coolers is one of the smartest things we’ve ever done. UV light purifies the water, destroying bacteria like E. Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis, to name a few.

But, we’ve made our UV water purification technology even greater. With Firewall, the UV lamp is positioned at the point of dispense, destroying 99.9999% of germs, 100% of the time guaranteed.

  •   Treats millions of liters a day

  •   Low cost and low maintenance

  •   UV lamp does not affect taste