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Canada's easiest installment payment choice

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Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec


Under the counter

Under the counter easy to install with all parts and tubing required for a standard installation. 




90-degree rotating single handle with 360°swivel spout offers more space in the bar sink kitchen.



7 way dispenser

Impressive design, exceptional build quality, high performance and high technology, perfect for integration within your kitchen units..

Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec

piccola cas

Cold & Ambient & sparkling 

Contemporary design, amazing compactness, illuminated supply area, limitless convenience. spaces.

Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec

blusoda ca

Cold & Ambient

Compact, powerful and built entirely in stainless steel, the smallest of the Blupura water coolers!

Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec

bluglass tower

Cold & sparkling

The faucet for those who want beauty and unbeatable performance with one dispensing point.

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Cold & sparkling

The solution combines the under-counter model's functionality with the electronic tap's convenience.

Multiple rental and payment options including:

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You’re taking a positive Step when you say NO to plastic bottles!
Plastic bottles are used for many reasons. However, it is the plastic water bottle industry that is causing the most damage to the environment.

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