Waterlogic WL800 II Large Capacity

Waterlogic WL800 II Large Capacity


The WL800 Max II


It is designed to meet the high demands for cold and hot water in high traffic areas. The intuitive paddle operation and tall dispensing area enables users to easily fill large jugs and carafes. With an ultraviolet system to maintain water hygiene and large capacity tanks, you are assured a continuous supply of clean and refreshing water.

  • Features

    • Cold
    • Hot 
    • Leak Detection
    • Removable drip tray
    • Overfill protection
    • Easy to clean and use taps Hot water safety function to protect against accidental use
    • The large distribution area is ideal for filling large carafes.
    • Recirculating UV lamp maintains water hygiene With RO filtration (reverse osmosis) 
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