Waterlogic WL350 UV FireWall

Waterlogic WL350 UV FireWall


WL350 UV Firewall Protection Cold & Hot


  • Cold
  • Hot
  • UV Firewall
  • Biocote Technology
  • Tower and Counter Top Models
  • Built-in Leak 
  • Features

    Firewall put to the test against COVID-19


    Waterlogic’s patented Firewall technology has long been recognized for its ability to purify water up to 99.99% virus-free and 99.9999% bacteria-free. The firewall was rigorously tested against the human form of COVID-19 by a team of microbiologists from the University of Arizona led by Dr. Gerba, internationally known for his methodologies for pathogen detection in water and food.


    "I have tested the Waterlogic Firewall machine and can confirm it removes COVID-19."


    Dr. Charles P. Gerba, Water & Energy Sustainable Technology Center, University of Arizona


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