Waterlogic WL290 High Volume

Waterlogic WL290 High Volume


WL290 High Volume


The WL290 delivers superb quality water and satisfies the higher volume needs for chilled and hot water in larger offices and public places. It is specifically designed for use where reverse osmosis is preferred and has the added quality assurance of in-tank ultraviolet light purification. This high performing model is gravity fed and guarantees quality water all day long, even in low water pressure conditions.



  • Features

    • Cold
    • Hot
    • Reverse Osmosis or Carbon Filtration
    • Biocote
    • In-tank UV light
    • Large chilled recirculating reservoir for high capacity cold water production
    • Improved design allows for 4x more cold water capacity
    • The recirculating cold water system passes water by the UV multiple times every hour to maintain the microbiological purity of the water
    • GAC filter inside the cold reservoir to provide ongoing protection from taste and odors
    • Choice of Reverse Osmosis or Carbon Filtration to fit local water conditions
    • Ultraviolet technology reduces bacterial growth
    • Large water storage capacity for a constant supply of cold water on demand
    • Gravity-fed storage tank providing additional stored water for the Reverse Osmosis system also ideal for low pressure installations
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