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Workplace hygiene is a major issue

Workplace hygiene is a major issue, but it's also a delicate one for managers and small business owners. This is especially true when dealing with an employee's lack of general hygiene. This delicate problem can be treated correctly and without offending anybody by instituting company-wide workplace hygiene policies.

Employees should be accustomed to a clean and healthy work environment.

It is never more important than when one employee is singled out for poor hygiene. If you become aware of this issue, send out a company memo to all workers reminding them that there are certain standards in the workplace about the use of personal hygiene products. This would aid in stopping an employee from being singled out.

Washrooms, desks, computers, coffee machines and water coolers are places of concern when it comes to bacterial growth in our workplaces. Colleagues switch bacteria from one location to another as they walk about the office. Poor hygiene, such as workers failing to properly wash their hands, is a common cause of transmission; however, inadequate cleaning, which leads to bacterial hot spots, is also a concern.

Hand washing, which logically should not be an issue, is with many employees. Hand washing can lessen the ability to transmit diseases like the common cold, flu or virus along with more serious illnesses, which is very important in any workplace. Post signs in the employee bathrooms and make sure that all employees know of your company policy regarding hand washing.

When it is time for you to consider upgrading your water cooler to one that will help protect you and your associates from being exposed to unfriendly bacteria, we are here to assist.

If you have not seen our video, it will help answer some of your questions.

Click here to watch our video on how to Avoid Bacteria around a Water Cooler

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