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The four common sources of unwanted chemical pollution

1. Agricultural runoff

The soil is not always absorbed by rain or snowmelt. It runs instead through rivers, lakes and streams, or into the earth's splits.

2. Urban and industrial runoff

Rainwater is urban and industrial. It flows over roads, buildings and plants. Transport pollutants to nearby waterways from built-up areas.

3. Lead pipes

Ageing infrastructure and outdated public plumbing networks are to blame. The piping and fixtures in homes and offices that are leaching lead into the water.

4. Open-pit coal mining

Some Canadians believe that water is ‘mining’s most common casualty.’ That could be the case in Canada.

Look for Water dispensers with carbon water filters. They are affordable and effective ways to remove most chemical contaminants like lead.

It is an ideal solution when you want to be sure that every sip is safe.

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