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Sustainability as we get back to work

Those of us returning to work will find that our workplace is not the same as the one we left.

Desks will be further apart. Hand sanitizer dispensers will become as commonplace as light switches.

It will be different in another, less obvious way: it will not be as green as it was before the pandemic.

Almost all the changes we'll see are designed to keep us safe, which is critical. At the same time, what keeps us healthy may have a negative impact on the environment.

One word: Plastics

We still have the ability to make an impact.

The good news is that we can all bring sustainability with us as we return to work. Here are a few simple things we can all do to help flatten the Plastic Curve.

  • In the office, consider wearing a washable mask. It is one method for safeguarding your coworkers.

  • Make your commute more friendly. Employers are incentivizing employees to drive to work instead of taking public transportation.

  • Repeat the process of using, cleaning, and using again. Consider bringing your lunch and snacks in a reusable container with you. It is safe to clean with soap and hot water, in your dishwasher.

  • Many companies are releasing touchless water dispensers. This will provide a safe way to use a reusable water bottle at work. It's a great way to stay hydrated, safe, and contribute to workplace sustainability.

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