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Clean water is healthy water.

To keep your cooler or water dispenser in tip-top condition requires a little bit of regular TLC.

Regular sanitization increases the lifespan of your water dispenser. Wipes and foam sprays remove biofilm and other bacterial matter.

Purification filters need to be changed once a year. If left water quality deteriorates and can become undrinkable.

All our maintenance is carried out by our sister company Repairware.

Why Repairware?

  • Fast, Reliable and Professional

  • Network of technicians that operates a nationwide service.

  • Scheduled maintenance visits are planned by helpful Customer Operations.

  • Accommodates your company's open times and access.

  • Ensure the least downtime.

  • Restore your equipment back to full working order within hours!

Call us for prompt, reliable in-home repair service, or visit one of our centrally located Authorized Repair Centres.

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