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What office or workplace can function in the absence of hot, boiling water?

The kettle has a few drawbacks that make it unsuitable for use in the office.

Cost – it may not appear to be much, but a full kettle will cost around 2.5p to 3p to boil. Yet, if you have more than six people who want a hot drink, it may need many boils of the same kettle. Given that the cost of electricity appears to rise on an annual basis.

Time – it takes a few minutes to heat cold water to boiling temperature. This means that break or lunchtime kettle runs can become long.

Capacity – there is also something unpopular about making tea or coffee. As a result, there may be groups of people who lay siege to the kettle, boil it, and use 'their' water for 'their' hot drinks.

There are all kinds of pros with investing in water machines with a hot water option for the workplace:

Ease of use – it doesn't get any easier than this. Place a tea bag or a spoonful of coffee in any size mug or cup. Then run the mug under the faucet, depress the button or lever, and fill the mug with the desired amount of hot water. The person after that does the same, and so on.

Time-saving – no waiting and no barricading the hot water in the kettle. Lunch and break times can once again be peaceful.

Space-saving – there's no need to have a kettle in the office kitchen.

Cost-effective – no need to replace the kettle so many times a year after wearing the element out!

Our water machine with hot water options is an efficient addition to your workplace.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you replace your kettle while saving you a lot of wasted man-hours.

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