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The essentials in your workspace!

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Many professionals neglect the importance of the workspace and its impact on the mood of the work and therefore its performance throughout the day,

We cannot say that this is the priority element to take into consideration in order to work effectively, but it is a facilitator that allows you to focus on what you are doing.

1. A bottle of cold water.

Yes of course coffee is a must in the morning. But a bottle of cold water is absolutely essential. Those who talk a lot on the phone already know it is important to have your throat well hydrated at all times. Taking a break for a few seconds and taking the time to savour the coolness of the water is also a useful activity to rest our eyes from the computer screen. To be honest, how many of you have a bottle right next to you right now?

2. A box of painkillers.

For all minor ailments: migraines, painful periods, chills etc. A first relief that will allow you to face the rest of your day in a more zen way.

3. A moisturizer.

It can be used to moisturize your hands, your feet, your face, any part of your body. Always useful especially if you have permanently dry skin

4. A snack.

It's about choosing one that keeps well outdoors. A box of dark chocolate, a packet of cookies, almonds or cashews for example. This is to restore strength in the event of slack.

5. A pocket battery.

(Or a backup charger). The broken wire of your charger, your lost charger, something unexpected happens quickly and nowadays, the cell phone is essential. Always have a pocket battery or backup charger in your drawer. You will be happy the day you really need it.

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