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How to Get Rid of Plastic Water Bottles at Work

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Plastic pollution is a worldwide problem. and one of the world's major environmental challenges. Everyone from businesses to individuals is looking to find a solution. Recycling has been the go-to solution.

Less than 30% of plastic bottles purchased get recycled each year. Only about 70% of the plastic material is reused. The economic costs associated with accepting and processing waste. Significant amounts of recyclable materials end up in landfills. So, rather than recycling plastic, why not try to cut it?

Customers can drink clean, great-tasting water connected to a building's existing water line.

Once you've made the decision to switch, it can be difficult to decide which type of water filtration system is best for your workplace.

Here is the type of point of use water filter available for you:

  • Under Sink Water Filter

  • Countertop Water Filter

  • Free Standing Tower Water Filter

  • Wall Mounter Water Dispenser

Eaulogik believes that point-of-use water coolers are the best option for businesses. When you rent an Eaulogik bottleless filtered water cooler, you get;

  1. cutting-edge water filtration

  2. sanitization technologies

  3. hassle-free customer service

Do you want to learn more about Eaulogik and our filtered water dispensers? Please click here!

Can't wait to get started? Click the "Get a Quote" button, one of our Water Experts will contact you. Or give us a call at 1-888-473-7273 ext.107

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