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How much do you Pay for Bottled Water?

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

A bottleless water cooler can save your business thousands of dollars annually. Plus, businesses that replace their 5-gallon water coolers with bottleless water coolers reduce their corporate carbon footprint by thousands of pounds of plastic every year.

Estimated Annual Cost of Your Business’s Drinking Water

The actual water within water bottles and 5-gallon water jugs accounts for less than $0.00001 of the total price you pay per plastic container. The rest of the cost of each container is a markup based on the price to produce and transport each bottle and jug.

How Can You Save Money by Going Bottleless

Bottleless water coolers connect directly to a building’s water line and filter on-site. Therefore, businesses that use bottleless water coolers avoid extra costs associated with the regular shipping and handling of plastic water containers.

Better Water That Cost Less

Water filtered through a bottleless water cooler is purified right on your site, how good is that? Also a water cooler with UV light protection will ensure any bacteria that may be hanging around will be eliminated.

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