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How to deal with the health impacts of computers at work?

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Nowadays, computers are an essential tool used from morning to night for the accomplishment of several tasks including those of work,

However, workers focus more on the results they want to achieve while neglecting the fact that their health comes first.

Over time, we realize that the posture we adopt can have negative health-impacting effects such as;

  • Muscle pain in the shoulder blades, back and neck, which causes permanent back and head tilt,

  • Shoulder pain, caused by improper positioning of the arm with the mouse,

  • Reduction of the visual field, due to very close contact with the screen,

  • Dry eyes due to constant fixation without blinking (essential for the productivity of tears),

  • Compression of the blood circulation, caused by crossing the legs or the position of the feet, which are not laid flat correctly.

Basic tips:

  1. Take a break every two hours, for about ten minutes to breathe a little, rest your eyesight and move your body.

  2. If possible, try to work with equipment designed specifically for long working hours.

  3. Drink regularly, 2% dehydration decreases physical and mental capacities by 20%, drinking 2 litres of tasteless water per day is non-negotiable.

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