Our mission and values 


To improve the quality of water consumed and eliminate destructive plastic bottles.

We are committed to the revolution against destructive plastic by proposing new solutions to water consumption which preserves and guarantees your well-being.

Andrew Bocking


Our story 


For over 25 years, RepairWare has provided professional appliance repair solutions to thousands of customers in Canada from coast to coast.

In 2015, Repairware partnered with WATERLOGIC International to distribute their premium filtered water machines.


In 2018 RepairWare created a separate division "EAULOGIK" to focus on the demand created by these unique products.

In 2020, we have expanded our lines to provide more choices to our growing demands.

In four years of activity, Eaulogik has been selected by hundreds of small, medium and large companies, including the government to improve the quality of their drinking water.  Exceptional service and maintenance by RepairWare nationally in Canada add value companies are demanding today.



Head Office
5613 Chemin St. Francois
St. Laurent, Quebec
H9S 2B8
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