>Ultra-carbonated sparkling water, all the time


>Mineralized alkaline water that balances the immune system


>Advanced filtration tech that blocks all contaminants

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Sediment Filter

of 5 Micron

Activated Carbon

Block Filter


Reverse Osmosis System

Absolute Purifier 




Ultra Pure: No viruses. No contaminants. Just water.

Multiple Options: sparkling, alkaline, chilled, and boiling hot, all at the touch of a button.

Quick: Fill up your bottle in seconds.

Automatic: Let the water run and stop by itself once your bottle is full.

Adjustable: From ice cold to boiling hot, from super fizzy to a weak San Pellegrino.

Kid Safe: Child-proof safety mechanisms stop little ones from getting burned by hot water. 

Energy Saving: when you're not using it, Drinkstation saves you energy by switching to stand-by mode automatically.

Healthy: Drinkstation is full of electrolytes and antioxidants, along with Alkaline water that neutralizes your body's pH.

Planet Friendly: Never use a plastic bottle again.

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