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Cuckoo black

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Cuckoo Black

Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec
Electric Countertop
Nano Positive Filtration


The Cuckoo research and development team worked hard to combine industry leading filter technology, advanced features, and intuitive design into a water experience unrivaled in the North America. These units feature the revolutionary In&Out sterilization technology to ensure you are always drinking clean water. In&Out sterilization cleans the internal components of the unit with the press of a button... simple, safe and effective! Our industry leading filtration features the Cuckoo Nano+ and Natural mineral filters creating crisp, natural water full of healthy electrolytes and always safe to drink. Cuckoo created a compact and sleek design to fit in any space without sacrificing performance. Good luck finding a water purifier that looks better in your home or business!

Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec

Detachable spigot
For Easy Wash

Super Slim Design (5.3”)
Designed to fit in any living space

No Water Tank

Direct Flow, No dirty water storage

Filter Replacement Cycle Alarm

No need to set a filter change reminder

6 Stages in 3 Filters

  1. Pre Carbon Block 2.0

  2. Nano Positive Plus Filter

  3. Mineralizer

Touch Control Panel w/ Mood Light
Simple, Clean, and Elegant

Easy Filter Change
No twisting, turning, hassles, or confusion

Simple DIY Installation Kit Included
Standard Kitchen Faucet
Under Counter

Mild Alkaline Mineral Water
Supplies Critical Nutrients such as
Potassium, Manganese, Calcium and Magnesium

easy and simple filter change

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Multiple rental and payment options including:

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