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Cuckoo White

Stainless Steel Water Tank  

6 in 4 Filters Included (8”) -Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Natural, Nano Positive
Tank Size Cold & Room 1.3L / Hot 1.0L 

Dimensions  8.7“x 19.4" x 19.3" 

Weight: 29.9lb 

Made in South Korea 

Cuckoo White


Stainless Steel Water Tank ·   

Tank Size Cold & Room 1.3L / Hot 1.0L 

Filter Type Sediment –Pre Carbon –PostCarbon–Nano Positive 

Dimensions 8.7“x 19.4" x 45.3" 

Weight 41.7lb 

Made in South Korea 

Medium Capacity Tank

Total 2.3L

(Cold & Room 1.3L / Hot 1.0L)

Safety Lock Keeps kids away from unexpected danger (Hot water lock)

Detachable Spigot

For Easy Wash

Stainless Steel Water Tank

Anti-bacterial & Suitable for steam cleaning

Cooling & Heating On/OFF Switch Individual power control to save electricity use

Smart Wheel 3 Water Type Hot & Cold & Room water

6 stages in 4 Filters

  1. Sediment

  2. Pre Carbon

  3. Natural (Post Carbon)

  4. Nano Positive




Slim Design, perfect for small office and home 

Mechanical Standing 

Type POU (Hot/Cold/Room) ·

Simple & Smart Wheel for 3 Water Type Selection

Stainless Steel Water Tank · 6 in 4 Filters Included

Sediment, Pre-Carbon, Natural, Nano Positive

C$145 .00               *Installation option




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