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High Capacity

High Volume Commercial

Bottleless Water Dispenser

Enjoy clean, filtered drinking water in large offices, cafeterias or warehouses.

Have a constant supply of clean, fresh-tasting, hot, ice-cold or sparkling filtered water. 

Sparkling Water dispenser | Eaulogik | Québec


Ultra-carbonated sparkling water, all the time

Mineralized alkaline water that balances the immune system

Advanced filtration tech that blocks all contaminants.


The new generation of water vending machine that dispenses 4 types of water, into a cup or water bottle also allowing the purchase of a 500ml thermal water bottle or simply just cleansing!



Naturally with professional performance, this water cooler represents the state of the art among compact solutions: superb design, high quality stainless steel buttons and dry cooling technology.


It is designed to meet the high demands for cold and hot water in high traffic areas. The intuitive paddle operation and tall dispensing area enable users to easily fill large jugs and carafes. With an ultraviolet system to maintain water hygiene and large capacity tanks, you are assured a continuous supply of clean and refreshing water.



The WL290 delivers superb quality water and satisfies the higher volume needs for chilled and hot water in larger offices and public places. This high performing model is gravity fed and guarantees quality water all day long, even in low water pressure conditions.


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