blusoda 45

Naturally with professional performance, this water cooler represents the state of the art among compact solutions: superb design, high quality stainless steel buttons and dry cooling technology.

It offers cold flat water and carbonated cold water (Fizz version), as well as room temperature water.

  • High quality stainless buttons.

  • Dispenses still cold water, water at room temperature and sparkling cold water.

  • Dry Cooling Technology.

    also available

blusoda 45-cah

Cold & Ambient& HOt

blusoda 45 FIZZ-CAS

Cold & Ambient& sPARKLING

blusoda 45 FIZZ-cHaS

Cold & HOT & Ambient



UCV lamp at exit 4W

Specifications blusoda 45

Cooling capacity
Max continuous supply
Cold water temperature
Cooling technology

Refrigerant gas

Adjustable thermostat
Compressor power
Absorbed power
Dispensing area height (in)
Net weight (lb)
Push buttons

(gal/h) 12
(gal) 3
41 - 53.6 °F
Professional membrane carbonation pump
Aluminum fusion block - stainless steel coil
Forced ventilation
115 V - 60 Hz
1/4 HP
A 300 W - 3 
W x D x H (in) 12.5 x 19.6 x 18.5
Parts in robust stainless steel
Stainless steel push buttons


The NSF mark guarantees that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification bodies in the world. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulators around the world.
The NSF certification mark affixed to a product signifies that it conforms to all standard requirements. NSF performs periodic inspections without notice and without testing the product to verify that the product continues to comply with the standard.

With this innovative direct cooling technology, the coils of water (stainless steel) and refrigerant gas (copper) are combined in a single cast aluminum. Dry Cooling makes it possible to produce a fountain with more compact dimensions and to obtain professional performance to meet the consumption requirements of the home and office.

The UV rays of the bactericidal lamp at the outlet on the tap have a sterilizing power and prevent bacterial proliferation.

Use of completely natural gases (HC) such as R290. An ecological choice, with the advantage of a device whose compressor is quieter and of a longer duration of the whole refrigerating system.

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