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The new generation of water vending machine that dispenses 4 types of water, into a cup or water bottle also allowing the purchase of a 500ml thermal water bottle or simply just cleansing!

Versatile in terms of supply and service, BLU2GO offers the utmost in hygiene and technology with inlet filtration, dual system in-line sanitization (UV and UV out ULTRA Lamp)and refrigeration system with professional Ice-Bank technology (Box 60 Fizz).


Dispenses 4 types of water: Ambient, Chilled, Sparkling and slightly Sparkling water.
Easy access display for every user, including disability access (DDA), to conform with ADA laws.
Ability to fill 750cl and 500cl water bottles and to dispense 170cl of water.
Internal space to store 2 X CO2 cylinders with automatic heat exchanger.
Empty water bottle stock with control sensors.


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Specifications blu2go


Dimensions W x D x H (in) 24.2 x 28.9 x 72.8



UNIQUE FEatures of blu2go

UV out ultra

The innovative filtration system with high energy efficiency purifies water immediately thanks to the sterilizing action of Ultra Violet LED rays, reducing bacteria proliferation up to 99,999%.

Wash and cleaning

An ecological process that relies on natural products passing through three stages:
1.Pre-wash with filtered water.
2.Cleansing with ozonated water.
3.Rinse with filtered water.

auto flushing

Periodical or planned to keep the highest level of hygiene in water circuits.


After every water bottle wash with ozone to wash and clean the area when not in use.

Multilingual display

A multilingual touch screen display that allows you to choose between: Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.


  • Dispensing area: dispensing water and cup area with self-closing cover to protect against external ingress.


  • Washing water bottle area: mechanical lock closing of washing drawer and sealing to close the area.

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Multiple rental and payment options including:

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